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The Blexicans Will Change How America Looks At Race

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(October 1st, 2014- Chicago, IL) Rarely in the history of U.S. television has a show challenged our cultural perceptions, made us laugh and provided the takeaway that our differences are not as pronounced as many believe.

That is the package a new sitcom - The Blexicans - promises viewers when it airs early next year. Iconic television and movie director Bill Duke, will direct this show that will be shot in Chicago’s. Duke explained the show “actually celebrates our differences while creating a bridge of understanding.” He offered no other television show has taken a close look at the relationship of a Mexican female and African American male married couple, “yet there are hundreds of ‘Blexicans’ in the United States.” Duke is still determining whether the series will air on the Internet or network television.

Regardless of one’s ethnicity, the Blexicans will resonate regarding the difficulties one encounters maintaining cultural identity, while struggling to thrive in an increasing “melting pot” society. The Blexicans marry humor, poignancy and the willingness to say what others won’t about race to make it thought-provoking and funny simultaneously.

At the root of the show is an aspiring Black comic, Carl Coleman, Jr. who despises working at the family funeral business. He elopes with his beautiful Mexican girlfriend, and finds himself at the crossroads of trying to make peace between the two feuding families, while keeping his wife happy and still pursuing his dream of being a stand-up comedian. His wife, Gabriella Ortega Coleman, was raised in the family’s restaurant business, but aspires to fulfill her dream of becoming a fashion designer. The ambitiousness of this 30-something couple fuels contempt between the parents, but whenever adversity arises both sides manage to suspend their differences and arrive at a positive outcome. A stellar line-up of talents has been assembled to make the Blexicans a reality. Besides Duke, several top profile hispanic celebrities have been scheduled for auditions and Comedian George Willborn, Jr. has been cast as the comedy club owner who mentors Coleman, Jr. bringing a unique comedic touch framed in racial awareness that gives the series its idiomatic appeal.

The Chicago-based Red Dove Media, headed by the husband and wife team of Warner DeShaun and Cherise Ragland, is the project production team. This award winning organization brings with them a number of accolades including film festival awards and recognitions. They are widely known for the development and co- production of the highly acclaimed, innovative television show “Jr. Cuisine,” a cooking show and brand featuring youngsters plying their kitchen skills to churn out restaurant quality dishes. The show had a successful run on PBS.

The script writer is a name many National Basketball Association fans and Chicagoans may instantly recognize - Jim White. White won an Emmy Award for his documentary “Find Yourself A Dream-the Bob Love Story” about the former Chicago Bulls forward who struggled to overcome a stuttering disability. He was the director for that project. White has more than a dozen screenwriting, script writing and directing awards to his credit, and has been invited to the prestigious Sundance Film Festival several years.

About Bill Duke: Bill Duke, was born in Poughkeepsie, New York in February 1943. His acting career dates back to the early 1970s when he appeared in “Aint Supposed To Die a Natural Death” on Broadway. A few years later he directed episodes of two uber popular television series “Hill Street Blues” and “Miami Vice.” His film credits include roles in : “Car Wash,” “American Gigolo,” “Palmerstown,” “Commando,” “Predator,” “Action Jackson,” “Exit Wounds,” “Menace II Society,” “Bird on a Wire,” “X-Men,”The Last Stand,” and “Get Rich or Die Tryin.”

About Red Dove: Red Dove Media is a full service multimedia company, specializing in creating unique marketing and branding strategies that allow clients to immediately begin to capture the mindshare of prospective clients. The company’s media solutions include: Script-to-screen video production, audio recordings, web design and print media. These core services highlight Red Dove’s ability to integrate digital media while augmenting clients branding strategy. Red Dove’s Jr. Cuisine show was nominated for an Emmy in 2011, and a year later received a nomination for from Cynopsis Media Kid Imagination.

To schedule immediate interviews, please contact Rachel Green (312) 720-0880.


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