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Are you a solopreneurs? Someone that never feels their work is ever done. Well here are a few helpful tips to ease the stress of your social media woes.

TIP #1 As a solopreneur, it is helpful to use software tools to schedule posts. I would suggest dedicating one day each week to develop content that is general in nature. For instance, if you own a coffee shop perhaps these might be useful posts. "Get over the hump with a cup of Joe!" or "Start your week off with a warm cup of heaven!"

TIP #2 Interaction with your followers are key. Add your social media pages to your mobile device. When you are traveling to and from the office on public transportation or waiting for the waiter to return with your meal, take a moment to engage with your audience. Even if you're only saying "Thank you for following." Sometimes the smallest greetings give the biggest impact.

TIP #3 Utilize promotional advertising on outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. These are helpful to increase followers and bring awareness to your product, service, and current sale items. When using these please remember to include a call to action such "Visit our page for more details. ", "Share with a friend." or "Tag us to win." You always want to bring the viewers to your source of purchase page.

TIP #4 Reinvigorate your old posts. You don't have to create new content to engage on social media. Revisit your older Instagram posts and add additional hashtags to engage with new followers. You can also share previous event images on days such as Throw Back Thursday (#TBT) and Flash Back Friday (#FBF). I also encourage you to create a signature hashtag to accompany these posts. For instance, our signature hashtag is #ABCUPR.

If you have a social media tip for business professionals, please share below in the comments.

Rachel Green

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